date : 18-10-05 14:42
*Changing package and price for semi PMU needles
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We hope that your business is well.

We always thank for all of you who are interested in and use ALS items.

We, ALS HealthCare Co.,Ltd change package and price for semi PMU needles. Please refer to below for changing of package ;

1. Microblades (EMBO needle_ABO,ABO-S series) : 25pcs/box ---> 20pcs/box
2. Hand Method Needle (Hand) : 25pcs/box ---> 20pcs/box
3. Digital Needle (ADH seires) : 15pcs/box ---> 10pcs/box
4. Analog Needle (AM, AS, AG series) : 50pcs/box ---> 30pcs/box

Please ask price which you would like to know.
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Thank you.
ALS HealthCare Co.,Ltd.